Lc 1/18 V Surface cleaner

Lc 1/18 V is a highly effective, reusable solvent- reduced cleaner liquid. Specially for use on very sensitive surfaces – the Lc 1/18 V evaporates quickly on the surface and removes nicotine, streaks, finger impressions, dust particles, grease films and many others. The finely matched raw materials help the Lc 1/18 V offer brilliant and long- lasting cleanliness. Lc 1/18 V is the indispensable aid for modern and professional cleaning.


The Lc 1/18 V is simply applied on the surface to be cleaned and then wiped with a dry cloth. The Lc 1/18 V is R2U and can thus be used without diluting it.

Aggregate stateLiquid
Initial boiling point75°C
Burning point40°C
Density0,980 g/cm³