ProdukteLc 2/40-i iProtect

Lc 2/40-i iProtect

The Lc 2/40-i iProtect is the solvent-free counterpart to the tried and tested Lc 2/40 protective agent.

Areas of application

The areas of application include the pressure roller, sliding shoes, corner gluing, high-gloss and saw blades and even scraper blades.
The Lc 2/40-i iProtect is an all-round talent and is used by many customers for a wide range of applications.


The most important feature of the iProtect is that when using the Lc 2/40-i, there is no damage in the form of corrosion or similar. Other solvent-free products of this type contain water, which causes rust formation over long periods of use.

The Lc 2/40-i offers the advantages of the Lc 2/40 protective agent and is at the same time absolutely skin-compatible and non-flammable.