ProdukteLc 3/280 Special lapping wheels

Lc 3/280 Special lapping wheels

The development of Lc 3/280 special lapping wheels is required for the processing of all the thermoplastic edges in conjunction with the cleaning agents Lc 2/30.


The Lc 3/280 Special lapping wheels are specifically designed for the woodworking and furniture industry. The fabric in the lamella ensures a fast absorption of the previously applied cleaning agent.



The Lc 3/280 Special lapping wheels, compared with Lc 3/130 Fabric-Sisal-Lamellar wheels, is different through the other building. The LC 3/280 is characterized by four layers: fabric, sisal, leather and foam and is therefore the perfect solution for ultra fine polishing.


A special advantage of the Lc series is a very long life.

Perfect solution for ultra fine polishing by 4-layer structure.