ProdukteLC 8/33 BRUSH-TEC®
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    LC 8/33 BRUSHTEC®

    The different polishing belts can be changed by means of a tensioner, which is easily accessible without dismantling other parts.

    The use of the polishing belts increases the contact surface by >100% with an almost constant unit size.

    The unit can be moved by means of a slide, which also enables pneumatic oscillation.

    The cleaning agent specially developed for the BrushTec®’s integrated spray system does not require labelling due to a solvent content of <20%.

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    The surface area has gained enormous importance in the furniture industry in recent years. As a result, the requirements have also grown. And if everything should go right when processing with chemical agents and system solutions, you need a partner who is highly competent and reliable.


    At a time when the automotive industry has discovered that electric motors, bioelectricity and household electronics are more efficient for itself, we have also made it our business to dispense with harmful and flammable materials in order to continue the "Think Green" idea in the furniture industry