ProdukteLc 21/19 universal-oil

Lc 21/19 universal-oil

Lc 21/19 is a versatile universal oil which, like all our products, has been developed, tested and tested in the in-house laboratory of LcM GmbH. LcM stands for performance and innovation.

Lc 21/19 Universal Oil offers its customers state-of-the-art technology and optimum solutions for their applications.

Lc 21/19 Universal Oil is ideally suited for a wide variety of machine types.

The Lc 21/19 Universal Oil is characterised by its light colour, mild smell and low sulphur content. With Lc 21/19 Universal Oil you get an ageing resistant oil, which will reliably accompany you in your daily work routine. As you can expect from a good Universal Oil, Lc 21/19 has a very good viscosity-temperature behaviour (14-17mm2/s at 40°C) according to DIN 51 562.