ProdukteLc 1/18 Cleaning agent

Lc 1/18 Cleaning agent

Lc 1/18 is a highly effective, versatile cleaner.


The Lc 1/18 Cleaning agent is specifically designed to be used on very delicate surfaces. The Lc 1/18 evaporates quickly from the surface and eliminates light glue residue, streaks, fingerprints, dust particles, grease smudges, etc.
Due to the finely tuned raw material components, the Lc 1/18 offers radiant and longterm cleanliness. Lc 1/18 is an indispensable aid for modern and professional cleaning.


Lc 1/18v Reinigungsmittel

Lc 1/18v ist einer der ersten Oberflächenreiniger für die Möbelindustrie der lösemittelkonform ist und durch seine reinigende Wirkung überzeugt.