ProdukteLc 3/130 Fabric-Sisal-Lamellar wheels

Lc 3/130 Fabric-Sisal-Lamellar wheels

Lc 3/130 Fabric-Sisal-Lamellar wheels was developed in conjunction with the Lc 2/30 Cleaning agent for processing all thermoplastic material edges.


The Lc 3/130 Fabric-Sisal-Lamellar wheels are partcularly targeted for the wood processing and furniture industry.

The layered cloth provides rapid absorption of the glue located on the surface, as well as of any previously applied cleaning agent.

The sisal is used for polishing the edge tape.


The lamella are arranged in the order 3 x material and 1 x sisal.


Lc 3/130 The Fabric-Sisal-Lamellar wheels find the following potential applications:

1. in processing thin edges
2. when duplicate-machine buffing

Our tip: For best results we recommend our cleaning agent Lc 2/30!

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