ProdukteLc 2/10-i iRelease

Lc 2/10-i iRelease

With the revolutionary solvent-free iRelease, we are building on a decades-long success story of the release agent.

Many of them have tried, we have now made it possible.

The world’s first solvent, silicone and above all anhydrous release agent for the edge processing machine. The Lc 2/10-i can be applied with the conventional nozzles or with our specially developed Ultra-Thin nozzles.


Lc 2/10 Trennmittel

Das Lc 2/10 Trennmittel  ist ein vielfältig einsetzbares Trennmittel, welches, wie alle unsere Produkte, im hauseigenen Labor der Firma LcM GmbH entwickelt, getestet und geprüft wurde.